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Plant-based Indo-Persian delight

Devi's,Old St

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DEVI's, Old street

DEVI's create plant focused slow food, inspired by flavours of the trade route, from Indo-Persia to the Levant.  Borne from a belief in conscious cooking, they create the food that is most precious to us, food that is shared, steeped in culture and made with love. Their food is meat-free, vegan friendly and ethically sourced with their produce as seasonal & as local as possible. DEVI's reinvest time and profits into hosting female empowerment projects. 

Thurs, Fri, Sat

£15 per person

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£39 per person

                   ***THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT***

* Friday 25th May, 7pm-9.30pm
* Bethnal Green - venue address emailed upon booking
* Vegan (vg), Gluten-free (gf)

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4-course tasting menu

Tarragon, mint, orange blossom, zest, caramelised hazelnuts

Spring greens, dill, date & tamarind chutney, Zhug, burnt green onion

Roasted cauliflower, cardamom, sultanas, almonds, toasted coconut, crispy onions with preserved lemon grains
Served with
- Baharat courgette, tahini, walnuts, mint
- Labneh, sumac, rose chilli oil, local honey
- Charred little gem, Za’atar, lemon, seeds
- Naan-e-Barbari

Coconut, lemon, rose water, rhubarb, date syrup, pistachio

Selection of biodynamic, raw and natural wines
Beer, Spirits, Soft drinks


Featured in Time Out London's Top 50, and a YBF finalist in 2017, Devi's will be serving you plant-based plates enriched with flavours from the ancient trade route, from India, ancient Persia, North Africa, the Middle East and the Levant. 

As you sit amongst seasonal flowers and candlelight, you’ll be served a four course menu which showcases exotic combinations of flavours, from Levantine Labneh, Syrian Zatar Halabi and Arabic Baharat, to North African Merguez, Iranian rose and Indian Panch Puran. 

Set in an East London enclave, you can also enjoy a selection of biodynamic, raw and natural wines, with an exciting, unique and exploratory menu.

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