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Frequently Asked Questions about Biteclub

What is Biteclub?

Biteclub was set up to create temporary restaurant spaces which enable the country’s most innovative chefs to deliver unique food to London diners.

As well as pairing talent with venues, Biteclub also oversee all elements of our dining events, employing a team of industry experts and insiders to curate the decor, drinks and music - and ensure that top quality service is provided to our guests.

Can you explain more about the venues - are they actual restaurants?

The venues are not actual restaurants, no. They are unusual and interesting spaces - initially in East London - that naturally lend themselves to ambient evenings of eating and drinking.

How do I book tickets for Biteclub events?

You just need to go to the Biteclub homepage, click on the forthcoming event you are interested in, and at the top right of the page you can the click on the “Book A Table” icon.

What do I need to secure a booking?

You just need a debit or a credit card registered in your name.

Do Biteclub have a re-fund policy?

If you cancel up to 3 days before the event, we will do our best to resell your ticket(s) and if successful will refund you the money. If we don’t successfully resell your ticket(s), we can’t issue a refund.

What is Biteclub’s cancellation policy?

You can cancel up to 3 days before the event and we will try and resell your ticket.

Will my account be immediately debited for a Biteclub booking?


You will be debited within 48 hours

Do I receive a physical ticket for Biteclub events?


No, bookings are completed through electronic confirmation.

Why was my payment declined?

There are a variety of reasons for this. In the first instant, though, it’s best for you to contact your bank to discuss the matter.

Can I pay cash on the door for a ticket to a Biteclub event?

We do accept walk-ins and we do accept cash and card on the door

What types of food will be served at Biteclub events?


There is no type of food as such. We look to provide a restaurant setting for the most exciting food out there that doesn’t currently have one. So, that could mean creating a temporary restaurant setting for a great food truck or for a great chef who wants to cook a menu outside the constraints of their current kitchen.

So does that mean you’ll be working with chefs already recognised in the industry?


Yes. As touched on, they may have a great idea for a menu that isn’t appropriate for the restaurant in which they work. We like to think that we offer a home for really bold, imaginative and sometimes maverick dishes.

Where will Biteclub host its events?

Initially, the events will just be in London. With time, Biteclub may also host events in other parts of the united Kingdom.

Will you only be hosting events that use UK-based talent?

Again, initially the answer is yes. Although it’s worth bearing in mind that the chefs we are working with come from all corners of the globe and have travelled all over the world, too. This leads to exciting and innovative combinations of dishes and ingredients - and means that Biteclub’s food is already international in scope

Also, Biteclub aims - in the not too distant future - to bring chefs in from other parts of the world for some of our London events. This will further broaden the scope of food that is served.

Can I leave a review of my evening at a Biteclub event?

There’s a feedback section on the Biteclub website and our guests’ comments good or bad (as long as they’re constructive!) are most welcome.

Can I make special dining requests ahead of a Biteclub event?


The menu at Biteclub events is typically set in advance, so while there may be exceptions, it may be difficult to deviate from the designated menu.

Are the menus for events always made available in advance, then?

Although they may be subject to some last minute, unavoidable changes, the menus will ordinarily be published ahead of time on the Biteclub site when an event is announced.

How many nights do the events run for?

Typically, each event won’t run for more than a few nights. However, events are sometimes extended or re-visited when popular demand dictates it.

Are drinks included in the price of a ticket for a Biteclub event?

Sometimes, a free drink will be included, but it’s envisaged that all events will continue to have a cash bar.

Are there limits to the number of tickets I can book?

No there aren’t. You’ll just be limited by the overall availability for the event.

Can Biteclub organise a private event for me?

Yes we can. We can provide our usual service specifically for you - whether it be for a birthday meal, a company dinner or some other occasion. We will work to find the appropriate chef, venue, style of menu and drinks to suit your expectations for your evening.

I’m a chef who has an idea for a menu for a Biteclub event. Can I put myself forward?


We’re always open to meeting new chefs. Please contact our team via the ‘Contact’ page

I own a venue that I think might be suitable for Biteclub events. Can I be in touch?


Again, we’re always open to meeting cool new venues and spaces. Just get in touch via our ‘Contact’ page.

Are you looking for casual staff to work as waiters and bartenders at your events?

We’re always on the lookout for talented, spritely waiting and bar staff. If you’re interested, please get in touch via our ‘Contact’ page.

Are there any types of food that won’t be considered for a Biteclub menu?

We would never dismiss anything out of hand. As long as it’s tasty and exciting, all food is considered.

Do Biteclub host vegetarian or vegan events?


We host vegetarian and vegan-only events and all our chefs offer vegetarians options and will continue to do so.

Do Biteclub offer gluten-free options?

So far we've already run 2 gluten-free only events. Some of our chefs offer gf options but if in doubt just get in touch at

Will alcohol always be served at Biteclub events?

This is more than likely - and is governed by popular demand! But never say never.

Will all Biteclub events serve tasting menus only?

The menus will generally be set menus. But they may run to, say, 3 or 4 courses. Quite often, when people talk about tasting menus they have 6, 8, 10,12 courses - and beyond - in mind. While some of our events may offer that volume of courses, this is certainly not always the case.

Will Biteclub host events which feature live music?

While we are yet to do so, we certainly will do. Watch this space.



Please can you say a bit more about who is behind Biteclub?

Biteclub is comprised of a network of experts from backgrounds ranging from marketing and branding to restaurants and property.